Market Research Solutions : We specialize in Innovative Technology Enabled Solutions,deployed quickly and with reliable results. Global MR Online plays a central role in our ability to find, balance and manage respondents around the globe quickly and reliable.

Faster visibility : You don't have to sacrifice speed for quality. Our engaging online and mobile survey can be deployed in matter of hours.That's because our technology is modular in structure,allowing us to tailor the survey according to your specific needs but have it up and running in days rather than weeks.

Panel Management : As a Researcher, you know that quality of data can make a huge difference in how, where and when your clients do business, introduce products, and enter markets. Global MR Online's survey are proven to keep respondents engaged to the end, resulting in higher quality responses.

Data Processing: Global MR Online is the business of data, and our datasets are about the closest thing you will find to a crystal ball. Not only, will you have your results more quickly, but you will be able to trust the datasets you recieve due to patent-pending technology that reduces bias and stabilizes measurements over time.

Accurate, repeatable and reliable: Global MR Online database deliver on all counts.

Client Services: Market Researchers count on us to help them learn more about how people think, what they buy, and what they care about. We don't let them down. With Research Support Service Bureau in Europe and Asia-Pacific, our team can deploy surveys quickly and is highly responsive to client needs wherever they arise.

Panel Management

The world is a meeting point of thoughts, views and approach in achieving the business goals.

For a successful product or service or business, thoughts and views are the essential ingredients with a smart approach to the consumers, getting the required information for the product ultimately in achieving a decisive verdict.

Online research surveys and panels are the Bridge to collect the consumers opinion and Global MR Online provides the same insights for the MR companies by devoting maximum efforts in building & maintaining world class panels that enables Clients to conduct high quality market research.

Global MR Online provides consumer insights and quality online fieldwork for Market Reserach companies.


Brand Offers

Wa are a full service agency and can assist you at any stage of your quest to capture market share.


Survey Programming

The survey design and programming includes the user (respondent) interface, the technology used and the question types. We create a survey design, which is user friendly, innovative and maintains the enthusiastic level of respondent from the beginning till the end of the survey.

Project Management

We have a dedicated team of Project Managers who have the Technical & Business Development Knowledge and skills to carry out the project along with you till the end, to the Client satisfaction.

Market Research Operations Outsourcing Support

We carry out Market Research Companies work with a strong experienced Management Team, faster turnaround time and provide support in term of Programming / Project Management / Client Services.

Leadership, teamwork management, good communication skill (with client and co-workers), analytic thinking, prioritization, highly motivated person, initiator, strong decision-maker, problem solver and multi-tasker are Global MR Online basic strengths leading to Client Satisfaction.