A growing network in US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, we are the emerging specialists in panel services. We offer the most carefully recruited and representative panels. We maintain stringent checks at every stage of the panel recruitment, maintenance and usage processes.

Utilizing a unique approach to ensuring the success of every online research project we are experts in facilitating the acquisition of the niche sample you require to achieve even your most difficult online research projects.


Misrepresentation: If the Panelist is providing imprecise information about themselves while Recruitment Process, we have various checks in the form of same question which helps detect those panelist who answer the same fact-based question differently when it is asked both at the beginning and the end of the survey

Over-involved: Check against over participation leading to a 'professional survey taker' mindset.


Panelists are recruited through a controlled methodology, ensuring the quality and authentic. Our panel is recruited through multiple sources and using a structured mix of online and offline methods. Our privacy policy respects the integrity of our respondents and restricts interaction only to genuine survey exercises.

Different Stage Involved
Designing of demographic survey
as per panel requirements
Uploading of external database
to the panel database
Recruitment of new respondents
- Email Invitations
- News Letter
- Follow ups
Sample Management Sample Identification as per project requirement
- Feasibility as per Incidence
- Field Hurdles
- Reminder mails
Panelist Maintainence
- Account Updation
- Helpdesk Support
- Tracking Panelist queries
- New Panelist addition
- Unsubscribe
- Demographics Updation