Survey Programming Process  

You can send us the questionnaire and we will design/program it for Web-enabled execution, with all the complex logic you want. It will be uploaded to Production mode once you are satisfied with the test run and data.

Team is efficient and expertise in programming simple to extremely complex surveys across different platforms.

The key features expertise depending upon the platform used:

- Re-entry functionality

- Data pre-population with our loops surveys

- Organization of multiple surveys irrespective of platform

- Highly customization depending on browser and user compatibility

- Programming Multi-Lingual survey

- Scripting Algorithm, Conjoint testing

- Online reporting portals for real time tabulations

- Advanced quota settings

- Pass-back linkage to allow clients to match respondents to their panel

- Proper data layouts to generate data files as required by the Client

- RDG Implementation/Usage

- Using Javascript, VBscript, Flash in the surveys

- Emailing, sample and field management

    Data Verification  

Data can be verified on the real time basis to check whether datasets are falling in the proper track at the time of fieldwork itself. This helps our client to monitor the data while the study is being fielded and on the basis of the real time analysis the quotas can be tweaked and sample can be reduced or introduced.

Data Management

Sometimes the data cannot be verified through programming test runs and Data Cleaning is one of the process before analyzing the data. A well dedicated and efficient team will be performing the data validation as per your requirement. The edit program is written to check the data inconsistencies, missing data and logic of the questionnaire basis the data availability. Macros are written for tracking studies to give faster results.

Project Management

We have a team of dedicated professional Project Managers who will be with you through the whole process right from Kick Off Call to Final delivery. They will guide you with all the solutions to ensure timely delivery of all deliverables. Our project management system is highly quality driven and thorough checks are done at every step which ensures error free delivery. At every step we keep our clients well informed and updated on the progress of the project with our highly innovative internal tools so that any suggestions/advice can be taken care to have a successful delivery.

Project Management Stages

Project initiation

- Project Manager is the key participant of the Kick Off Call with Client

- Participates in getting clarifications and negotiating changes

- Assign the SP/DP resources for a project on the basis of the services required

- Timelines are assigned for each task and communicated to the Client

Project Planning

- Proper documentation is planned for every task

- Daily updates are maintained across all the task as per project document

- Log is maintained so that costs if needed can be revised with the Client

Project Execution

- Project execution across all the service lines is monitored at a high level by the Project Manager

- Monitoring as per the required documentation for a project across multiple service line are handled by the project manager

Project Closure

- Project is closed post a confirmation email from the client